About me



After graduating from Istek Özel Bilge Kağan High School, I successfully graduated from Istanbul University, Department of English Language and Literature. For my graduate education, I received a Master’s degree in Marketing (Msc in Marketing) at Oxford University in England. In addition to the language schools I have attended in various countries of the world since my childhood and my travels which is my biggest hobby to different countries of the world ; during two years of my stay in England (with the experience of being away from home and being together with different cultures from all over the world) I re-questioned the concepts of human relations, correct communication, courage, freedom, happiness, selfconfidence, sense of belonging, being individual, being a team, friendship and success. After returning to Istanbul, I started to do my doctorate (Phd in Advertising and Public Relations) at Bahçeşehir University, Department of Advertising and Public Relations. In this period when my interest in personal development, sociology and psychology fields increased; I published my first book, “Back to Square One (Sil Baştan in TR)”. On my journey in this area; Many competencies in various fields such as life coaching, relationship coaching, career coaching, authorship, Nlp (Nero Linguistic Programming), Eft (Emotional Freedom Techniques), body language, stress management, anger management and I became an expert. I am continuing my profession under the ICF (International Coach Federation).

My Education Life

High School: Istek Private Bilge Kagan High School

Undergraduate: Istanbul University Department of English Language and Literature

Postgraduate: Oxford University MSc in Marketing

PhD: Bahçeşehir University Advertising and Public Relations (Phd) continues

Professional Life Coaching Certificate Program – Yeditepe University

ICF – ACSHT Approved “Certified International Expert Coach Program”

NLP Master Practitioner Training – Yeditepe University

EFT Practitioner and Specialization Certificate Program- Yeditepe University

Life Coaching Certificate Program -Haliç University

International Relationship Coaching -Kadir Has University

NLP Practitioner Certificate Program – Kadir Has University

Diction Education – Kadir Has University

Stress Management Certificate Program – University of Northwest Accredited

Creative Writing Education – Boğaziçi University

Anger Management Training – University of Northwest Accredited

Body Language Certificate Program – University of Northwest Accredited

Basic Psychology Education – Yeditepe University

Holistic Education – Yeditepe University

My Certificates

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