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NLP is a model and methodology developed in America towards the end of the 70’s regarding the functioning of the mind as a result of the researches on making conscious and developing the processes of perception, thinking and behavior that we have done automatically without thinking about it in our lives.

 NLP “Neuro Linguistic Programing”, (Brain Language Programming)

It investigates and analyzes the structure of how man encodes and accumulates everything perceives from the outside world with his five basic senses in his own system since childhood and how the system uses these data.

It is a science and art that enables a person to realize how his own system works, based on his brain structure and all perception systems in the brain, how he can use this system with awareness from now on, and how to transform the things he wants to change and transform himself from past to present.

The NLP techniques, which have been modeled by the analysis of the usual outstanding therapists by Linguist Prof. John Grinder and Mathematician Gestalt Therapy Specialist Dr. Richard Bandler, have been developed in the light of sciences such as Psychology, Cybernetics, Neurology, Philology.Now successfully can be used in management, education, health, family, sales and sports sciences. NLP, which is used to reveal and reinforce personal abilities and skills, offers a number of methods used to make emotions, thoughts and behavior patterns conscious and develop them in a goal-oriented and constructive way.

The infrastructure of the NLP consists of researches on how people perceive and react to their environment, how they communicate, and behavior patterns.

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